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Tips For Making Turmeric Tea

One of the ways you can use turmeric and benefit from consuming more of the healthy spice is by making turmeric tea. This is easier than you might think and will give you tea with just a little kick. It will not only be a delicious tea, but one with loads of health benefits.

Start With a Pot of Boiling Water
In order to make your own turmeric tea, you will need to begin the process with a pot of boiling water. Turmeric tea is better when the turmeric is freshly-grated, but you can use it in powdered form if that is all you have. Once the pot of water is boiling, and you will need about 4 cups of water, you will add your grated turmeric to the water. You can also add some ginger to the water as well. Leave the temperature as it was so the water continues to boil with the turmeric inside.

Simmer Your Tea
When the pot of boiling water has the turmeric added, you will then want to let it simmer for about 10 minutes. This allows the water to get full flavor from your turmeric and anything else you added at the time. Once the tea has simmered long enough, you will then need to remove it from the heat and strain it with a sieve. Before serving it, adding something to the tea to let the turmeric absorb a little better is highly recommended. Coconut oil is perfect for this, but black pepper can also be used if you don’t mind a little kick to your tea.

Add Your Choice of Flavoring
There are a few different ways to add more flavoring to your turmeric tea, both while it is boiling, as well as after the tea is done. Two common ingredients that are used to add flavor to turmeric tea after it is done are honey and lemon. These allow you to have a classic tea taste with the added health benefits of the turmeric. You can also have your tea taste similar to coffee by adding milk or sugar, or even flavored creamer.

You can flavor the tea while it is still boiling by adding flavored tea bags along with your turmeric, such as adding a lemongrass tea bag or a fruit-flavored tea bag. Here are some other ways to add flavoring to your turmeric tea:
• Use cinnamon in the tea, either before or after it is done
• Try adding some peppercorns while it is cooking, removing them during straining
• Add a little bit of sea salt once it is done
• Try different types of milk, such as coconut milk, soy milk, or almond milk

Try your own combination of herbs and seasonings for your turmeric tea.