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2017 Consumer’s Health Turmeric Curcumin Supplement Guide

The latest buzz in consumer health solution is Turmeric Curcumin. You’ve probably heard many good reports on famous TV doctor shows about the “Magics of Turmeric Pills.” We know one thing for a fact:

Warning! 46% of Turmeric Curcumin Supplements Selected for Testing Failed In Quality. Find Out If Your Brand Passed!

In-House Research: our goal is to verify the ingredients used in Turmeric pills and make sure they are purely natural, high quality and all clinically proven. Next, we conduct a survey of customers, look through different review sites and gather honest reviews. We list out all the pros and cons of each brand and pick the top 3. Lastly; we want to make sure the companies stands by their products, so we checked each brand’s guarantee, delivery time and customer service. Generally speaking, brands that offer a hassle-free 365 days money back are the ones you can trust.

Benefits of Top Turmeric Curcumin Brands*
– Relieve Joint and Back Pain
– Reduce Inflammation and Skin Dryness
– Help prevent type 2 diabetes
– Boost Brain Function & Memory
– Improve Digestion and Blood Circulation
– Promote Cardiovascular Health
– Enhance Immune and Nervous System
– Anti-depressants
– Digestive health
– Promotes balanced mood
– Cholesterol regulators

1. Turmeric is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory Compound – As mentioned, the natural anti-inflammatory ingredient in turmeric, curcumin will reduce inflammation. The body’s inflammation response is relevant to disease. If your body thinks it’s being attacked by something it automatically sends out compounds to cause the body to swell. This can cause a lot of symptoms, including pain and is thought to play a role in all illnesses.

2. Helps Lesson the Pain of Arthritis – Most diseases that cause a lot of inflammation like arthritis does, can be relieved by including turmeric in your diet. Studies are showing a curcumin supplement is more effective than most prescribed drugs.

3. Increases Antioxidant Effects – Antioxidants reduce free radicals which cause disease. The oxidative damage caused by free radicals is thought to be a co-factor in many diseases including cancer.

4. Help prevent type 2 diabetes – the active polyphenol in turmeric known as curcumin may provide an ideal intervention for type 2 diabetes, capable of mitigating characteristic pathophysiological hallmarks of the disease such as elevated blood sugar (hyperglycemia) and insulin resistance.

5. Boosts Brain Function – During your lifetime the neurons in your brain are able to multiply and increase in number. This process is faster when you are young, and slower as you age. Curcumin increases the levels of brain derived neurotrophic factors (BDNF) which may delay or reverse brain diseases.

6. Lowers Risks of Heart Disease – One of the biggest killers on the Earth for humans is heart disease. There is no one contributor to heart disease and certainly diet and exercise are important but some promising studies show that adding curcumin to your diet can improve your health and help prevent and even reverse heart disease.

7. Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease – Alzheimer’s is thought to be caused by amyloid plaques, a type of protein tangles, building up in the brain. Curcumin may slow down the buildup of this protein and possibly even reverse the buildup.

8. Helps Fight Depression – Studies are starting to show that depression might also be the result of inflammation. According to several studies, curcumin might be as effective as common antidepressants like Prozac. While more studies need to be done, people have seen improvement by adding one gram of curcumin to their supplement regimen with good results.

9. Helps Fight Aging – It all comes down to fighting inflammation again, and it really helps to include turmeric in your daily diet or as a curcumin supplement. The combination of anti-inflammation and anti-oxidants plays a major role in helping to fight aging.

Does this product contain cheap synthetic fillers?
Some brands add artificial fillers to cut cost to offer cheap products and sell more. Some of these cheap fillers we found were titanium dioxide and artificial coloring. You should never purchase cheap products when it comes to supplements. We have listed the Top Turmeric Curcumin brands below for your convenience.

Has this brand been third-party tested?
You should never buy supplements that don’t have Certificate of Analysis. The studies should be conducted in labs that are not affiliated with the manufacturer. These labs verify the product for safety and potency. Only buy supplements that are backed by third-party labs and manufactured in an FDA approved facility.

What are the capsules made of?
Another important factor to consider in supplements is to make sure the capsules are made with vegetable cellulose. This ensures you the supplement is all natural. Vegetarian capsules dissolve appropriately and show better results.

Our research revealed: an effective Turmeric supplement should contain between 800mg – 1300mg of pure Turmeric Curcumin standardized to 95% and 10mg of BioPerine (no compromise on the purity as we mentioned earlier many manufacturers add filler to their capsules and they should not be trusted).
BioPerine® is sourced out of black pepper, having BioPerine “in the right place at the right time” in the digestive tract with supplemented nutrient results in enhanced absorption. A purified extract of piperine is necessary to get the increased absorption.

After testing top Turmeric brands and reading thousands of reviews, we did not find any harmful side effects in top Turmeric brands. You should always be cautious when choosing supplements; after researching about different Turmeric brands we concluded that you should:

  • Only buy supplements that are manufactured in the United States, Canada or Europe. This way you are sure these companies must comply with the stricter regulations.
  • Do not purchase cheap brands, filled with harmful fillers; these brands should not be trusted.
  • You should avoid brands that claim to be “Dr. Oz Turmeric brands”. We could not find any evidence for such a claim. Dr. Oz does not endorse any brands and companies claiming otherwise are 100% frauds and should not be trusted.

The Result: We tested over 100+ brands of Turmeric pills in the market in house. We did extensive research on top brands, read consumer’s reviews and surveyed over 11,571 customers.

Here Are The Top Brands


#1 PureNature Turmeric

Over 4,355 consumers voted PureNature as their number one choice of Turmeric Supplement. We believe this brand can deliver the result you need. PureNature contains 1300mg pure Turmeric Curcumin standardized to 95% with 10mg of BioPerine (Black Pepper Extract); with no synthetic ingredients, cheap filler, binders and artificial colors. All purchases from PureNature is backed by a 365 day Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee. Made in the USA with all-natural, fast dissolving veggie capsule and are made in an FDA registered laboratory that is cGMP certified.

PureNature Turmeric Curcumin is Best For: Reducing pain, inflammation and stiffness related to rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA); Help prevent type 2 diabetes.

24/7 Customer Service: 1 (888) 457-6441

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#2 Rightway Nutrition Turmeric

Rightway Nutrition Turmeric came in second. Rightway is also a reputable company, however their Turmeric has some additional ingredients. We were unable to confirm the effectiveness of their product due to the lack of honest reviews and testimonials. We also highly recommend to buy Turmeric Supplements from companies that offer at least a 90-day return.

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#3 LifeExtension Turmeric

LifeExtension Turmeric came in 3rd place. What we like about this product is that just like PureNature Turmeric it does contain 100% pure Turmeric Curcumin, however it only contains 400mg of turmeric per serving. It is less than the recommended dosage by studies done on Turmeric. LifeExtention has been in business for a long time and they are a reputable company. They also have a good customer service, with some positive reviews.

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